The Butterfinger Final Fantasy XIV Offer ended at 11:59:59 PM ET on June 30, 2021.

Chocorpokkur Mount

  • This bizarre creature is the result of an enormous korpokkur coming into contact with vast amounts of chocolate. It has since taken to journeying far and wide to deliver sweet treats to anyone who does not immediately flee at the sight of it.

  • Ground Mount / Flying Mount

Only available through the Butterfinger promotion in the U.S. This offer item is digital content.

See Official Terms and Conditions for details.

Participating Products

To score exclusive in-game content, purchase $5 worth of the following participating Butterfinger products. Then upload a clear picture of your receipt showing purchase of participating products in a single transaction, the purchase date, time and store where purchased.

Single/ Share Size Bars:

  • Butterfinger Bar, 1.9 oz.

  • Butterfinger Bar Share Size, 3.7 oz.

Fun Size, Minis and Bites Bags and Trays:

  • Butterfinger Fun Size 10.2oz. & 19.8 oz.

  • Butterfinger Minis, 2.8 oz. & 10.8 oz.

  • Butterfinger Bites, 8 oz.

  • Butterfinger Fun Size Tray, 3.9 oz., 5.2 oz. & 7.8 oz.

  • Butterfinger Singles Tray, 11.4 oz

  • Butterfinger Dessert Toppers, 5 oz.

  • Butterfinger Pieces, 3 lb. bag

  • Variety Bag of Minis Butterfinger, Crunch, & Baby Ruth Bars (90 Count), 35.9 oz.

  • Variety Pack of Full Size Butterfinger, Crunch, Baby Ruth & 100 Grand Bars (20 Count)

Concession Box:

  • Butterfinger Bites Concession Box, 3.5 oz.

See Terms and Conditions for full offer details.